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Linda Hodgens

About the Founder: Linda Hodgens has spent decades keeping companion birds. Since the late 1960's she's hardly had a year go by that there was not an unclipped companion bird in her life.

Ara Ptero, Inc. offers:

Commercial displays; shows - including free flighted birds; consultation; educational programs; rehabilitation program for the unfortunate homeless birds; foster program for the military who are going overseas; behavioral workshops from beginner status to advanced for individuals, companion pet owners/keepers/
handlers, using only
positive reinforcement

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Scarlet Macaw

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Beginner’s 3 Day Immersion Workshops for Companion Pet Bird Owners,
Handlers and Keepers

As you want it, we will only work with a small class of dedicated companion pet bird owners, handlers and keepers, offering personalized education.

You will get personalized instruction in clicker training, Applied Behavioral Science, “how to” class room instruction, experience teaching using positive reinforcement, exercises (some birds too!) in how this handling is bite free, just how this method is used in home-kept companion parrots with peace and quiet, solving personal behavior problematic with your own bird(s), avoiding confrontations with a win-win program of handling with your own parrot. All phases of behavior (it’s not just restricted to birds!) can and do benefit from this handling practice. Addressing biting, screaming, aggression and any (yes “any”) behavioral problems your bird displays. The only thing we human keepers can’t change is genetics and species specific physical ability.

We’re coming to a city near you. If you don’t see a workshop scheduled to your needs, contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate any and all requests.

Ever feel like you live with a dinosaur and...
he doesn't like you?

I'd much rather see this expression... wouldn't you?








Some testimonials about our workshops:

“When I first read the flyer for this workshop, I just felt it was designed for me. I just did not know where or how to start changing the behaviors some of my birds have taken on. This workshop has given me tools to identify what I have done wrong in the past and how to change myself and how I interact with my birds and how they interact with me.”

“My birds needed me to come to this workshop J”

“The way the training takes effect in such short sessions it’s just amazing.”

“I’ve had 2 (“aha” moments)! The first was during target training. The second was Friday night while talking on the phone with my friend. I was telling her some of the things I’m going to try. She started asking some questions, and I found myself thinking, “Oh-my-God! Would you listen to me!” It was like, “I CAN do this!” Thank you! Thank you! I now have a plan – you’ve taught me where (and how) to start!!”

“Actually, all of the things I was taught to do to your bird is wrong. The information and knowledge I acquired from this seminar will aid me in problems I’m experiencing with my own birds and better educate my bird clients.”